Leap of faith Bangkok calling (Dwayne's posts)


In December 2010, I decided that I want to climb the Baiyoke Hotel tower in Bangkok on 20 March 2011 that is this weekend. It has 2060 stairs is 84 floors. As the holiday season went on I found myself getting more unfit after my Singapore Tower climb (discussed later). I did not intend to start my 2011 tower climbing sessions with the most amount of stairs I have every faced. I thought I would ease my in with something smaller, so I tried to forget about Thailand.

Something in the back of my mind said, you really need to go and do this, so I send the word out to possible sponsors to see if anyone was interested in assisting me.

On Tuesday, I was having a light drink with my good friend George and I was telling him “you know that the Bangkok tower climb is this weekend? I did not manage to get any sponsorship yet something telling me to go.”

Then George said one of the most poignant things I’ve heard all week. “You know is difference between Charlie Sheen and you?”  I replied, “He is rich and crazy, I’m just missing the rich part”. George’s answer was “No he gets things done, he is a doer. He doesn’t talk about it, he just makes it happen. Money on no money, you should go for this run. Stuff it I will sponsor you, put it on my credit card, you know, you can always make more money but an experience is something that you will miss out and will never come back.”

His words stuck, although I decline the offer of funds from my slightly tipsy mate. That night I posed the question to whoever was on my Facebook at 1am “hypothetically, would you keep $1,000 or weekend in Bangkok to set a world first? and why?”

23/25 of my friends came back with the same answer as wise old George. It was good to see that they most thought the same way as me too. That an experience is better than cash on your deathbed.

That night was a very sleepless night, managing only 4:40 hours. I woke up with a drive to get myself to Bangkok. Wednesday, I did one last ditch effort to obtain sponsorship to no avail and I jumped on those booking websites and found the cheapest direct flight, it was with Emirates and booked one of the last five seats on the plane. My credit card now feeling the pinch this trip is going to hurt me in the next few months, I had truly taken the leap of faith.

There were some concessions though, the good people at Baiyoke Hotel sponsored my entry fee for the race and recommended some reasonable cheap and close accommodation for myself  $150 for the 4 days there. I was thankful.

I am going to be flying out at 7:50pm today from Sydney to set my 6th world record in Bangkok and some of my closest friends do not know yet.


Then some last minute news at 5:15pm on the day of my flight my boss at Armstrong Wily said to me “We will sponsor you for this one too, wear the T-shirt, and survive the tower”

I wore that T-Shirt and survive the hard climb up 2060 stairs in 30 minutes and 11 seconds.

Signing off

A lucky Dwayne “Funky” Fernandes

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