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A friend of me asked me, “I see you have your iPod on, when you climb towers what is that funky beat you listening to?”

Tower climbing is a difficult sport. Only thing you can hear inside the tower is the sound off steps, metal clanging, echoes in concrete and the sound off sweat.

To combat the harsh sounds off running up the tower I generally listen to good music that has a very good rhythm. For this I generally create a playlist set to a nice up-tempo beat that I can keep, with Tower running rhythm is very important and I try to avoid these songs when I’m not training as they conditioned me to work hard when I am on the run.

I first estimate how long I expect to run up each tower and prepare an appropriate playlist of songs to equal this time. So if I finish before the songs I am better than what I expected to be. This gives me the incentive to dance at the top of the tower since I still have music remaining.

The music that I use is all by a band called Jamiroquai. They have this funky rhythmic beat that I can use it at a slower pace and as well as at a higher pace. The majority of the songs that I use are from their Dynamite album, this album takes the original songs and adds a trance beat to it. The song that I always start with is called “Seven Days in Sunny June.” This song has a slower beat than the rest of the songs after that follow And remind me not to burn myself out in the first few hundred stairs it gives me the basic beat I need to continue a good pace. The rest of the playlist goes as follows:

  • Canned heat
  • Little L (Bob Sinclair Mix)
  • Love Foolosophy (Twin Club mix)
  • (Don’t) Give hate a chance

I usually remove the one of the songs depending on how long the run is, but at the end of my playlists is always “You Give Me Something”. I aim to finish before this song starts. This song is one of my favorite songs when I’m running up a tower in as this funky beat that allows me to just enjoy the moment up there.


Dwayne “Funky” Fernandes


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