Retro Running and the 6th World Championship (Dwayne's posts)


Retro running , also known as backwards running, running backwards, reverse running,  or retro locomotion is the act of running in reverse, so that one travels in the direction one’s back is facing rather than one’s front. It is classed as a retro movement, the reverse of any normal movement.

The sport’s origins can be traced back to early 20th-century athletes including boxer Gene Tunney and wrestling champions William Muldoon and Ed Schultz, who were all noted for using backwards running in their training regimes. It wasn’t until the 1980s, however, that the technique grew in popularity.

The World Championships have been travelling around Europe and was last held in Italy, this year it will be in Essen Germany in July.

Where I will attempt to set world records for 100 and 200 meters.

World championship website:

Crowd Funding Win!

Primary funding of this journey has been through A Gofund me page:

Where we have reached the Target Goal!

Major sponsors for the event are:

  • Amputee Association of NSW (Fund donation)
  • Ossur Australia (Feet’s sponsor)

I would also like to thank the individual and family supporter who are:

  • Thiagesh Sukumaran
  • Ramona Lobo
  • Sarah Logan
  • Delicia de Sales
  • Caitlin Wilson
  • Rolita Sequeira
  • Jothi Annie
  • Rohith Loveeta Craig Eva Dsouza
  • Lily Valy Dalmeida
  • Sylvia Menezes
  • Christoph Diehl
  • Janice Menezes
  • James Mendonca
  • Talath Abbas
  • Clinton Mendonca
  • Lennox Haydon
  • Kelvin Dias
  • Benny Dsouza
  • Monika Tontai
  • Nisha Dsouza
  • Mridu Bhalla
  • Edith Taylor
  • Marnee ToelleAtkinson
  • Trang Tran
  • Ruth Pereira
  • Micheal Goveas
  • Hilda Pais
  • Ecterina Rozario
  • Fernandes Family
  • Mendonca Family
  • Rachy n Chandran Nadanachandran

Here is video of me practising Retro running:

Signing off

Dwayne ‘”Funky” Fernandes

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