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Tomorrow i will attempt to set world records in retro running in Essen Germany. However before that I got the pleasure to see an old city at the centre of modern history, Berlin.

It took two flights to get here from Sydney a distance of 16,084 kms and 24 hours of travel.
This is the longest I have ever traveled, the furtherest I have been from my family, for an event.

As the plane came into land at 7 am on sunny Sunday I look out the plane window and the tower climber in me noticed the significant lack of tall buildings in this city. Just a spire that is TV tower, I think Sydney has more taller buildings, what has Germany been doing with all this time.

It appears this city spends most of its time thinking of the past.

The tourists in me is falling in love with this city. The rich history of city conquered by rulers throughout Europe, all leaving their mark, monuments and walls all over the city. Even the new buildings are designed to blend in or not overstate its given space.

The summer in Berlin brings out the beautiful people they all ride bicycles everywhere. This is because the streets are built for them. Actually transport in the city is seamless and organised. I moved from bus to train to tram to underground with 1 ticket and got to where I wanted to be.

As I walk the streets of museum island, I recall my mother stories of this beautiful city and thought she was recalling fairy tales. She described buildings of stone with statues that were walking distance from rivers and restaurants, cobblestone walkways and old bridges.

Mum didn’t lie, This place is as described.

A few days ago I was in the museums I walked past the gates of Babylon and saw a Roman pray temple, seeing art history. Yesterday I learned about the plight of the Jewish people through the rise of Nazi Germany.

Now I am on a long bus ride to Essen, passing fields and hills and windmills. I am going to enjoy the view a bit longer before the 3 days of competition ahead.

Signing off

Dwayne “Funky” Fernandes

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