Amputee World Records at the World Championships (Dwayne's posts)


Today was the day,

Today I would be great, the day I would set retro running world records and be awesome doing it! Ohh how wrong I was.

I watched all day today as people from around the world ran with confidence backwards on the racetrack. I saw people of all ages do their best . I also saw a lot of people falling, and when they fell there fell hard, today I saw people hit their heads and injury their arms in falls, many got up and finish the race.

At 4 o’clock the 200 meters finals began,  and I saw fast Germans fly around the bend and finish in near record time.

At 5 o’clock it was my turn, I put on the new flex runs and made my way to the starting line. One of Great Britain said I looked like a majestic elk walking to the start point.

At the starting point all the doubt flooded in, you have only trained a few weeks for this, are your legs ready? Is your head ready? What if you falls? Is this going to be like Sydney tower the first time.

The whistle blew and I went to lane 5 and got ready.

on your marks…. ready… BANG!!

I pushed and I moved, I had began the 200 meters journey, I ran backwards through the bend I was loading the feet well and it was giving me a good return in momentum.  I was pumping my arms well and enjoying the run.

As I finished the bend I could feel it in my legs, my muscles were starting to pain and that is when I stumbled, it took a moment and I some how managed to catch myself from falling.

My body looked for heels to balance myself and didn’t find any, I gave them up to for powerful forward running feet.

The momentum was gone, The muscles were spent so they couldn’t load the powerful feet, the last 60 meters I went from majestic elk to a drunken Gazelle stumbling to the finish line.

The crowd had lined up around the track to cheer me on and had nothing but slow stumbling movement for them to witness.

I stumbled 3 more times but did not fall, one of the organiser ran behind me with hands out stretched, afraid I was going to fall. He told me I had 10 more meters and I stumbled across the line.

1.22.44 a new 200 world record retro running for amputees.

I had a world record and feel disappointment. The crowd loved that they witnessed a new world record and they praised me for not falling and not quitting. But I felt I could do better.

2 hours later was the 100 meters. During the break in rested my legs and thought about the race and asked the experts racers, Nigel Holmes and Mark Schwalm here to give me feedback on running technique.

I realised I needed the heels to stabilise myself on the run. I swapped by feet back to the ossur variflex XC I felt the ground below and I felt better, At 6:30 I took lane 5.

Below is the 100 meters world record:

I set the world record at 29.89 seconds on my variflex xc and I feel happy and proud of this record.

Signing off

World record holder Dwayne “Funky” Fernandes

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