Vietnam vertical run (Dwayne's posts)


Vietnam vertical run.

This ordinary accountant had an awesome time mingling with the elite of the world Tower running circuits in Vietnam.

940C was my number correlated to my start time. In this time slot they put a celebrity singer and a guy who wore a camera on his head and to me. The celebrity singer was quick off the mark. As I ran with the pack to the stairs I had my music playing on shuffle mode, which confused me for a second. However, I had for the first time ever, I had a stopwatch with heart rate monitor. So for the first time I had actual data of following me up the tower.

Heart rate in Sydney just chilling with my friends 86.

Heart rate in Saigon just chilling 100, It is hotter over there

Heart rate when being interviewed, 115, see I still get a little nervous

At the ground floor. I pause for a moment and let the group go ahead of me and I followed after As always I am not competing against them it is me and the newly built tower.

Heart rate, 160 to 170

the next 18 floors.

Heart rate 170 to 180

The guys had disappeared ahead of me I was all alone on this tower. The way I like it on the 28th floor there was a change of direction and the water stand. I drink quickly and keep going up the top heart rate has now climbed to 190 among the 31st floor and I see this local runner just standing there looking tired. His number indicated that he was from two groups ahead of me. I climb past him, and he notices the legs. Then I yell at him “come on! Let’s finish this race” one flight behind me. He starts to follow me up to the top.

The last 10 floors, I had slowed down and my heart rate had dropped to 180

I kept my technique, it that kept me going, pull with my hands and my legs will follow.

I keep my pace and I find myself at the 49th floor coming to the exit. I hear the crowd and urges me on a pull myself to the top run around the side past the finish line finish line 14:31 minutes. I enjoy this beautiful new building a few moments later, the person who followed me up the stairs catches up to greet him and congratulate him on finishing the Vietnam vertical run.

After round of talking to the media. I end up back downstairs. I find out that Thomas Dold has finish this race in 4.58 minutes, that we can always expect from Thomas. At the race that was 507 runners and 13 of them were elite athletes from all around the world. I’ve been happy to be in the presence and enjoy the Vietnam’s first vertical run.

Signing off

Dwayne “Funky” Fernandes

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