Throwing myself off a bridge (Dwayne's posts)

I am standing close to the edge, hot blood rushing through my entire body, I look down and I see an icy cold river. The people behind me with wild wide open eyes urge me of the bridge. As our thoughts line up I hear the countdown 3, 2, 1.

Run to the edge and over… for a moment there is flight, then weightlessness, and as I see the river rushing towards me I feel the fear, but is it too late I am falling and there is nothing I can do.  I now stretch my hand to brace for an impact with the icy cold water as I reach closer to the water the impact does not come my full body harness tightens, the giant rubber cord attached to it has stretched to the maximum and I am finding myself bouncing away from the water. The fear has gone, there is nothing but excitement left, I have just survived my first bungy jump with AJ Hackett bungy at the historical KAWAKE Bridge.

All of this happens in mere moments and with nothing else to do but floating in the air and remember how long I have wanted to do this and the preparation it took to make it happen.

I knew that if I was going to jump it would have to be with people I trust and people who know what they are doing and have been doing it for a while.

For 8 years I want to perform this insane act, So when I had my holiday in the South Island New Zealand I sent an email to the trusted bungy experts AJ Hackett bungy.  Within 2 days there were ready for me and my special circumstances.

Normally the bungy cord is tired to your legs, but being a double leg amputee you can see how that would have been disastrous. I wore my Stompers, my “I do all my own stunts” T-shirt and a full body harness and I was ready for the jump.

Signing off


Dwayne “Funky” Fernandes

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